Healthy Life

How do we live a balanced and healthy life?

Eating the right foods and exercising are only part of the equation.  There is a lot of evidence that being balanced in our life also extends not only our life but a healthier one!

So how do WE do this? 

We all live our life the best way that we know how. As life does happen along the way, the choices that we make each day affect us not only today but in our future. Here at Natural Health Cafe I believe that living a healthy life is all about the choices that we have control of that ultimately makes the big differences in our health.

Some important factors are:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Spirituality
  • Stress reduction
  • Regular checkups
  • Job satisfaction
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Finances
  • Partnership
  • Fun

Here is a great quiz to take to determine what you can change to live a healthier and more balance life.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle Quiz

I trust that you have now taken the quiz and have a idea of a direction to go.

The internet is an awesome place for more ideas on how to get started. I encourage you to go through this website and read the tips and take notes on what interests you or sounds like something you are willing to try.  Start trying recipes and use the tips on preparation.  You will find that once you start trying some new things, a shift will occur and the information will start to naturally come to you. Once you take an honest look at how you are living your life, then congratulate yourself and start moving towards making a better life for yourself.

Write down a plan of action. Where are you now? Where do you want to be? What steps can you take to get there? Post your plan where you see it a few times a day. Start visualizing yourself to where you want to be.

The benefits of living a healthy lifestyle will help you to feel more balanced and healthier in your life. And that is the biggest thing you have to worry about, you can then start thinking of the little things!

Here are some articles to give you tips on living a healthy life:

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