The Importance of Exercise
And Eating Right

You probably already know the importance of exercise.  It just goes with a healthy diet and a healthy mind too, as exercise helps pull it all together.

Our bodies were built to move. With the conveniences of today from cars to washing machines to grocery stores, we are a nation that moves less as machines do more for us. And we know this also by looking at the rapidly increasing obesity and chronic illness. It is frightening!

We have to discipline ourselves to go out and exercise to keep our bodies in shape as there is no pill or machine that will do this for you. The good news is..once you get into the routine of exercising, you will feel better and better!

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As many excuses as we can come up with, there really isn't a GOOD reason why we should not make it a habit to do some form of exercise daily. I know I have my list of reasons at times, but the truth is, even if I don't feel like doing anything, once I make myself go for a walk or do some yoga or whatever activity I choose, I always feel better. This is because the body craves movement. A natural health lifestyle means developing healthy habits.

Think about a dog that lays around all day. When you offer to take him for a walk the dog gets so excited and energized. Our bodies do too!

Some of the Benefits of Exercise

  • It gets your heart pumping from a relaxed state to an elevated state called aerobic exercise
  • Exercise helps the body release endorphins, the natural anti-depressant. Exercise is good for the mind too!
  • Exercise tones your body and helps you to look good.
  • Exercise along with a good diet helps you lose weight.
  • Exercise increases your self confidence and mental acuity.
  • Exercise increases your energy.
  • Exercise keeps your body strong and flexible...which means less chance of injury. We need that, especially as we get older.

Natural Health Cafe Tip

One thing I have learned is that if I am doing something I dislike, I wont be successful at continuing it.  Choose an exercise that you like...if you like to be outside...choose activities like hiking, running. In other words do activities you like and the exercise will be built in! You get the point! It may take trial and error to figure it all out what but once you have a routine that you like... you are well on your way to healthy habits!

The importance of exercise can be any kind of regular activity that gets the body engaged in using most or all of its parts.

Some activities are better on the body than others. Keep this in mind as you choose activities that you want to practice on a regular basis. Walking, hiking, yoga, pilates, weight lifting, swimming, biking and tennis are all good forms of activities that help use your different muscle groups working and increase your heart rate.

Your success depends on creating healthy habits!

So get out there! Be active with regular healthy exercise. Combine it with eating right and then look out! Cuz, will be roaring as new energy abounds!

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