Natural Homes are part
of a Healthy Lifestyle!

Natural homes are a healthier home. Making just a few changes can improve the environment of your home for your family and the planet.

We have all heard that our water and air and soils are contaminated with toxic chemicals. Less known is the contamination and pollutants in our homes. Add to that variable that we close our houses up in the winter...and it becomes a bigger problem.

So what can we do about it? We can be more aware of how we use chemical products in our homes. Developing a natural way and eliminating unneeded chemicals prevents the leaching of these contaminants into our air at home, and into the soil and water supplies.

There are so many chemicals that we use inside and outside of our homes without thinking about the affects they may be having on our families, pets and the environment. These toxic chemicals are being absorbed through our largest organ, our skin and to our lungs. Of course, we also want squeaky clean houses and a product that doesn't accomplish squeaky clean...I'm not going to use. So I demand an natural product free of harmful chemicals...that ALSO works!

A few years ago I made it my mission to try to find more green ways to clean my home as I found the lysols, pinesols, bleaches and aresols to be really assaulting to my lungs.  I had bronchitis for growing up and so I began to notice a trigger reaction to chemicals anytime I was exposed to them.  So I knew I had to find less toxic ways to clean my home.

Clean air in natural homes

Take a look at the cleaning supplies that you use at home. Bleach and ammonia are strong cleaners, however, mix them together and you can have a corrosive gas. This can be a dangerous and explosive whenever used together. Alone, they are chemicals that have nasty consequences.

Basic cleaners specifically for oven cleaning can have a toxic affect on one's lungs while cleaning an oven. Try using baking soda and vinegar and allow the application to sit for an hour before scrubbing with a scouring pad.

The products you use to clean your home determine the air quality of your home.

Do not use plug-in air freshners. We use these air fresheners to create atmosphere. Air fresheners contain deadly chemicals according to The Environmental Protection Agency.

Natural Health Cafe Tip

A wonderful option to using plug-in air fresheners is to make your own air freshener. It is less expensive and easy to do, and smells much better.  Dry orange peels and add whole cloves, cinnamon, and a drop of two of orange essential oil.  Put in oil infuser. You can use all kinds of dried flowers, herbs to create your own aromatic delight!

There are many green cleaners on the market these days that use natural cleaning solutions which are less harmful to us and to our environment. Back in the days of our parents and grandparents, most cleaners that were used for cleaning the home were all natural such as vinegar, baking soda, soap and water, and lemon for most cleaning.

If each of us would cut down on some of the toxic cleaning chemicals we would be helping our own health and that of our planet too. These toxins end up in the sewers, and eventually in our rivers and oceans. The natural means our grandparents used is a healthy option.

Natural Health Cafe Tip

One way to start is by simply getting the basics, baking soda, lemon, vinegar and water....go through your home and place all cleaning chemicals in a box and put somewhere, anywhere (your garage?). Try using the basics and add on as you get more information. You will find you can add essential oils, etc that will help clean and smell CRAZY clean as well! Eventually, throw out that box!

Natural Cleaning Supply recipes

All-around House Cleaner

-1 gallon vinegar

-Handful of dried orange peels

Let sit for two weeks. Strain off orange peels. Fill spray bottle with the vinegar water until half full. Fill the rest of the bottle with water. Use as cleaner...for more stubborn cleaning or to remove stains (bathtub)...first sprinkle the area with baking soda, then spray with the vinegar solution before scrubbing. 

Drain Cleaner

-1/2 cup baking soda

1/2 cup vinegar

Boiling water

Place baking soda down drain. Pour vinegar down drain. The vinegar and baking soda will react and start bubbling. Immediately cover drain. Wait ten minutes. Uncover drain and pour a kettle of boiling water down drain to loosen clog. Repeat again, if needed.

Natural Scrubbing Cleanser

1 cup baking soda

Castile soap

Lemon or orange essential oil

Put baking soda in mason jar. Add castile soap until forms a paste similar to consistency of frosting. Add 20 drops of essential oil. Stir. Ready to use.

The benefits can be many when each of us make more natural choices that are more sustainable for us and our environment. So move ahead naturally, healthfully, and yes, squeaky clean!

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