Organic Food Benefits

When buying our food, we are frequently presented with the choice of determining whether the organic food benefits outweigh the additional cost. It is a hmmmmm...moment. Should I spend 59 cents for the cilantro or $1.39 for the organic cilantro?

So what are the organic food benefits? Being a conscientious consumer is a must these days as we become more aware of the unhealthy issues that come with the food industry. And some of them are more than scary.

When we choose to purchase organic and natural foods, we are making a vote with the most powerful leverage. Our MONEY. If you don't think that is big, take a look around your grocery store and the organic food options available to us now compared to even just a few years ago. This is because consumers have seen organic food benefits and purchased organic. The grocery stores see the profit now and are supplying the choices.

When we purchase organic foods, we are making a vote against genetically modified foods (GMO foods), pesticides, hormone and antibiotics, and other chemicals that are the standard ways of treating our crops and feedlots. And we are finding that all of these added substances that are going into our food, is showing up in to a multitude of health issues. And we cannot ignore what these chemicals are doing to our environment. As this realization occurs, we are seeing the health benefits of organic food.

Natural Health Cafe Tip

I encourage you to do your own research, there are excellent resources out there. See what resonates for you. Here is a link to my resource page that can get you started.

To learn more on organic food benefits start by asking the produce person where most of the produce comes from. Read labels on packages and cans. Become a detective so you can be an informed consumer. We would not intentionally spray chemicals on our food before eating them, so be aware what you are putting into your shopping cart.

Organic isn't always an option, but if it isn't, try to purchase local produce at farmers markets where you can talk to the person who grows your food. Some vendors at these markets are not certified organic but use no pesticides or chemicals!

Look for fresh, natural health foods-the closer to nature the better.

Does it cost more to purchase organic?

Purchasing organic food will cost you more, however, I have found that by cutting out the processed foods, I am actually saving money...the organic food benefits include a less expensive overall budget!

A great exercise is the next time you go to the store, look in your cart at what types of food are in there: potato chips, cookies, ice cream, cakes, and candy along with frozen pizzas and prepared boxed foods. Consider replacing these items with organic and natural foods. When you first start its okay to be kind to yourself. If you find that you are struggling to replace those processed items, give yourself a 10 day challenge. Over a short period of time you will find your taste buds will change and it will be a simple thing to remove from your cart.

Tips on buying organic foods:

Here are a few links to purchasing organic food online. I find it easier to reap organic food benefits if its delivered at my front door!

Live Superfoods

Natural Gardening and Organic

A great way to ensure you are getting organic foods is to grow them yourself. Whether that be a full garden or pots of herbs on your patio, you will know that you are getting no pesticides, GMOs (make sure your seeds are heirloom), and only the healthiest produce!

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