The Raw Food Diet

The way I came to the raw food diet was through a good friend.  It is my sincere hope that I can help to inspire others as my friend did with me through example.

When I gave the raw food diet a try for 4 days, I learned more about my eating habits than I ever knew as I delved into adding in more raw foods to my lifestyle.  I realized that there were many wonderful, delicious raw food recipes, and that raw food didn't mean I would be eating just salads.

I had been on my natural path for many years and I was proud to say that my medicine cabinet and 2 other cabinets in my pantry were designated primarily for vitamin supplements.  I had a stock pile for sure, and looking back I now realize I was depending on these supplements to fuel my body when I really needed to be getting my vitamins from the foods I was eating, and not from bottles.

I did not connect the dots in my natural lifestyle to the importance of the types of foods I was eating.  I was a vegetarian and I thought that was a healthy way of eating, and it was, in comparison to the Standard American Diet. However, I was eating a lot of eggs, cheese and yogurt thinking I needed those foods for their protein values.  I now know that I was just eating a lot of high saturated fats and excess protein along with my handfuls of vitamins and thinking I was living a healthy lifestyle.

I am thankful that my friend introduced me to raw foods and then that the research I did led me to add in more raw foods into my diet.  My body can now utilize the live enzymes that I had been cooking out of my foods for many years and I am now very much healthier, happier and without the cabinets full of supplements.

It has been a life changing experience.  This experience has introduced me to many people in the vegan and raw food communities including MD's, RD's, authors and speakers as experts in their fields.  I am truly thankful that I met MaryJane, who founded a raw food magazine and because of her she gave me the wonderful opportunity to work with her on a raw recipe e-book and a raw food website. I encourage you to check it out - go to: 

Raw Food Diet

The vitamin cabinets have been gone through and most of those vitamins have been tossed out. I embrace the saying "we are what we eat" and I don't want to depend on a bunch of vitamins to supplement my dietary habits.  I hope you will join me in adding in more of these super raw foods.

A great start is a raw food cleanse!

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