The Raw Food Lifestyle

A raw food lifestyle is not about eating carrot and celery sticks and boring salads. Raw foods are prepared in the natural and raw state the way nature produces them and they are amazingly delicious.

A raw food diet is a whole new way of thinking about food.

There are a number of different recipes which are both tasty and simple to make. For example, there are raw food lasagna's, soups, pasta's, pizza's, raw deserts and many other types of familiar dishes. The raw food diet blends fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds into all kinds of delicious cuisines. There are now raw food chefs that make insanely delicious dishes.

Your imagination may have no limits with using the varieties of raw foods. You now have the opportunity to bring out your own brilliant chef! One of my favorite ways to consume lots of raw foods is in green drinks.  It is an easy eay to get you started on your raw food journey. Take a fruit smoothie and add greens, and you have just packed in more fruit and veggies that you could eat in one sitting into a quick, yummy, power-packed drink!

The raw food lifestyle has been around for many years. The experts in the raw food field believe that by cooking foods above 118 degrees diminishes the quality of the food by destroying the natural enzymes which degrades the proteins and nutrients in the food.

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It is believed that the body must use it's own enzymes to digest foods that don't have enzymes or the enzymes have been cooked out of the foods. So this process creates additional work in the digesting process which overtaxes the body's own resources over time.

A raw food lifestyle is often done in stages to transition from a more traditionally cooked food diet. It is best to take your time to slowly include more raw foods into your daily routine. Some people strive for 50% or 60% raw while others embrace it 100%. It is all up to you and once you begin to feel and see some of the benefits then you may choose to continue to find ways to add in more raw foods to your diet. You will also find that because raw foods absorb into your body quickly (just think of all those nutrients nourishing and healing you), you will need and want to eat often!

There are some different kitchen tools that can help you to make the raw food lifestyle dishes as you step away from using the microwave or oven. Some of these kitchen gadgets for preparing raw foods include:

  • A good blender such as a Vitamix to blend tasty smoothies and sauces.
  • A dehydrator to dry fruits, shredded raw potato mixtures, portabello mushrooms, crackers or raw breads and other food items that you might want to firm up the texture by slowly dehydrating the foods.
  • A food processor which can chop up nuts and vegetables quickly.
  • A sprouting jar which is just a basic quart jar with a screen top for draining purposes. Learning how to sprout raw nuts, seeds and beans is a lot of fun as you watch these little seeds sprout into nutritious live foods to add to various dishes.
  • A spiralizer gadget is the best little hand tool to thinly slice, spiral or make spaghetti noodles out of raw vegetables.

Working with raw foods can be a lot of fun because there is just so much that you can create. All it takes is a little instruction and a some inspiration and you will have some healthful dishes that you can enjoy and share with friends and family. Have fun and experience what the raw food lifestyle is all about. Bring out the brilliant inner chef in you!

I have personally studied and practiced including more raw foods in my daily diet for several years. Whether you choose to go completely raw or just to increase your raw food consumption on a daily basis, find whatever works best for you.

It can be a great way to include some cleansing and detoxing for the body and many people enjoy doing it for the raw food weight loss, however, I think it is helpful to work with a coach who is knowledgeable in this area.

Suggested books on the subject of raw foods:

  • The Raw Transformation: Energizing Your Life with Living Foods by Wendy Rudell and David Wolfe
  • Healthy Lifestyle by Patricia Bragg
  • Juicing for Life by Cherie Calbom and Maureen Keane
  • The Cure by Dr. Timothy Brantley
  • The Truth About Beauty by Kat James
  • Eating in the Raw by Carol AltHigh Raw by Kevin Gianni

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