Why I Built This Site

How did I make a website? Good question, I am still amazed that I could do something such as this as I have never been a computer savvy person what so ever.  So I am excited that I have been able to learn how to accomplish what I have and I am still learning.  But I want to share the wonderful possibilities with anyone interested in going for it.  .

I never set out to design my own website. I just wanted to start a small consulting business a few years ago. As I talked to people about my plans someone would always bring up making sure to have a website as that is the new business card. Okay, I thought plan to hire someone to build a website along with all of the other to do's. 

So I looked into having a website page built and that process was an eye opener to say the least! There are so many options and costs involved and decisions to be made. I had a hard time wrapping my head around all the things I would need to hire out.

A friend suggested to me that a friend of hers had built her own website and I should call her and check it out. So I figured "what did I have to lose in meeting with someone who has done it on her own."

What amazed me was that all the training was included in the program from day one. A step by step guide/course with videos were included. I was impressed with the whole package so I went for it. It was inexpensive and better yet it walked me through the process.  I needed that for sure!

Now I knew this was a big leap as the only thing on the internet I was good at was checking my emails and doing Google searches. But since SBI offered me a 30 day money-back guarantee if I did not like it, I had nothing to lose.

So I took the leap and began a journey that I never dreamed was possible. And I am here today to say anyone can do it. Even teenagers, I have seen their sites! And they are building successful businesses.

It is really possible, if you have anything that you are passionate about, a hobby or a business that you would like to build, you can do it. And best of all it costs less than a cup of coffee a day.

So consider where you will be one year from now if you were to set out on a similar journey and learn a new way to build your future. Write it on a sheet of paper and compare it to if you don't do it and things stay just the same as they are today.

I encourage you to take a challenge, on you and build a dream like I am. It is more than rewarding, and a lot more fun to get up everyday to the possibilities that you get to make happen. 

In my experience, this company is a great company to go with. For more information check out these 4 links:

1 - Check out the comparison page - feature by feature, dollar by dollar page

2 - Check out what the media has to say about SBI

3 - Get to the point, the traffic point...

4 - Check out this 3 minute video below of someone just like me who's made a website about horses...

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