Super Healthy Recipes

In this section I wanted to share some of my favorite super healthy recipes that I prepare for my friends and family. I believe the best meals are made at home because you know what the ingredients are that are in your dishes.

On this page are some of my favorite recipes that I have created or modified and make on a regular basis. 

Simple, delicious super healthy recipes are the best when you make them at home. Preparing meals for family and friends is the best place to add some extra love and healthy ingredients into our foods that make them a more nutritious meal. Typically you do not get all these great benefits when dining out.  

At home you can provide the refuge and quality ingredients to make great snacks and meals that can rival the best restaurant dishes out there. And the best thing about homemade meals is not only do they taste better, you will save money dining at home.  

For me the most important tip to strive for when making healthy meals is to enjoy the process of what you are making for yourself and for others. It is an important job that is giving of yourself and providing sustenance for those you care about which is the greatest gift of all.

Bon appetit!!

Some of My Favorite Recipes


Vegan Ice Cream

Pumpkin Banana Bread

Elderberry Fudge

Summer Peach Crisp

Vegan Cheesecake


Sauteed Asparagus Pea Recipe

Mango Curry Wraps

Tomato Basil Pasta

Healthy Pasta

Veggie Pizza



Chocolate Smoothie

Berry Smoothie

Breakfast Smoothies

Scrumptious Salads

Sweet Spinach Salad

Quinoa Salad

Wild Greens Salad

Quinoa Tabouleh

Black Bean Salad

Caesar Salad

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