Traditional Medicinal Teas

Traditional medicinal teas have been used to help with ailments for thousands of years...long before the introduction of pharmaceuticals.

Ancient man knew the plants to go to for medicine. Numerous years ago the "Ice Man" was found...a mummy buried in the ice. He had a medicine pouch on him, stuffed with plants to aid him on his journey.  Most people had this ancient knowledge of plants. As time went on, some cultures had a specific individual that had this ancient knowledge and was looked to for treatment of symptoms. With Modern man, these very plants and traditional medicinal teas were used to create pharmaceutical medicines.

For common ailments, and with a little experience and know-how, we can stock a few in our medicine pantry to have on hand for when we feel the need for some TLC. Just like our ancestors did. Most traditional medicinal teas were from the flower, leaf, fruit, or root of plants. Some were from mushrooms.

Using herbs as medicine is an exciting, inexpensive, and natural way to alleviate illness. But it is also quite complicated. A herb that works well for one person, can have the opposite (and sometimes negative effect) on another person. Just because you can walk into a health food store and buy a bottle of capsulated herbs for a specific illness, does not mean it will work for you, or that it is even a healthy thing to do. Working with a herbalist who has the training and experience can ensure you are treating yourself in the best natural manner. A good herbalist will also tell you when it is appropriate to seek modern medical attention.

Some of the following are very basic traditional medicinal teas.

Natural Health Cafe Tip

Medicinal herbs can be very inexpensive to purchase. You can purchase herbs in "bulk" in the health food store. You will find a small bag will typically cost a tiny fraction of what you will pay if its in  capsules or pills in a bottle. Store loose herbs in a glass container or bottle and put in a dark, cool location. Dried herbs and roots will stay fresh for years when stored this way.

  • Echinacea tea-The go-to immune boosting tea. Its not just for colds or flu. A great tea to take to help boost the immune system. Add some rose hips and astragalus for vitamin C and extra immune  support.
  • Chamomile tea-Used most often as a light sedative to help with anxiety or to aid sleep. It is also wonderful to help with IBS. It is nutritive and calming with no ill side effects. Some people find it bitter..a bit of honey will help.
  • Lemon balm tea-A delightfully refreshing tea with the taste of is very good iced as a beverage as well. It is lightly calming.
  • Ginger tea-A warming tea used frequently for upset tummy and digestive issues. Peppermint tea is a good option for upset tummy if you'd rather have a tea that is cooling.
  • Nettles tea-A highly nutritive tea used most for allergies and for those lacking in proper nutrition. It is so high in nutrients and minerals that if drank daily people can see remarkable hair and nail growth.
  • Green tea-A great tea to provide energy and get up and go, and anti-oxidants. Very good for you!
  • Raspberry leaf tea-A great tea for women. Used frequently for menstrual issues such as difficult, painful menstruation, excessive menstruation, or to tone the uterus.
  • Cramp bark tea-Used for muscle cramps such as muscle spasms from over-doing it, and menstrual cramping. It is very bitter so most people add a sweetener such as honey or agave.

Natural Health Cafe Tip

Some people have a cold, dry constituent. Do you prefer a hot drink over a cold one? Do you pile the covers on at night? Do you get cold easily? If you answer yes, a great traditional herb to add to your tea is licorice root or marshmallow. They both have some wonderful medicinal qualities but they also will moisturize your system and will help overcome dryness. Adding some cinnamon or ginger to your tea will help to warm you.

There are hundreds of traditional medicinal teas, and countless teas when you begin to add several herbs to one tea.  I hope that you find a few of these helpful to you and your loved ones.

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