A Great
Whole House Water Filter

When I decided to get a whole house water filter system I compared features and cost. You will notice the difference in price immediately.

As I was researching clean drinking water I realized that just drinking clean water was not enough for me. I read that we absorb water through the skin along with the chemicals in the water. This got me thinking about showering, baths, brushing my teeth, washing foods, dishes, laundry, etc in unfiltered water.  I started focusing on what was the best whole house water filter for my home. 

The top three selling brands are Aquasana, Eco-Water and Wellness. The retail prices range from $999 to $5950. Yet, the price is not indicative of quality.

Eco-Water retails for $2500. Both electricity and back-flushing are required for operation.

The company includes a reverse osmosis unit. Reverse osmosis units are noisy, high maintenance and they take out all the minerals too.

The electricity requirement increases the cost of use. In order to make our homes more environmentally friendly, reducing the amount of electricity we use is one of our goals. Reducing waste is another.

Back-flushing is a process that removes wastewater from the machine. Back-flushing is necessary, because the device lacks the ability to capture contaminants in the porous reverse osmosis membranes.

The wastewater generated cannot be reused or reclaimed. It goes into the sewer or septic tank, increasing the demands placed on treatment facilities or reducing the lifespan of your septic system.

The reverse osmosis step included in the Eco-Water whole house water filter is unnecessary for most homeowners. If you live in a home serviced by a public treatment facility, you may not need reverse osmosis.

The house water filter made by Wellness is at the high end of the scale, retailing for nearly $6000. The technology used by the company is not supported by independent studies.

The system’s effectiveness for contaminant removal is not certified by the National Sanitation Foundation or Underwriter’s Laboratory. The effectiveness of the other two brands is confirmed by both organizations.

Aquasana filters include proven technologies. The filtering media used in the Wellness systems are more expensive, but may not be any more effective. They are basically unproven in terms of reducing chlorine and particulates.

In short, Aquasana is the most effective and most affordable brand on the market. It is also the most environmentally friendly, as it requires no electricity and generates no wastewater.

Anyone can benefit from a good water house filter system, as long as they choose a good brand. Clean drinking water is one of the most important things you can do towards good health. I chose an Aquasana system for my home after extensive research.  It is a mid range unit as I calculate replacing the filter unit it every 3 - 5 years depending on how much water we use.  I hope my research helps you in your search as I know it can be a project to shop for these home products.

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